Rolling Back Prices as Queen Anne Turns 25

Things that rocked Seattle in 1988: grunge, Seahawks, and Pagliacci Pizza. Our Queen Anne Pizzeria had just opened at the corner of Queen Anne Avenue and Mercer Street, perfectly positioned to feed droves of sports fans and club-goers.

Turning 25 this year, our Queen Anne location has grown up with the neighborhood. Things are a little different now than they were back in 1988, but one thing remains the same: our pizzas are still popular.

Join us at the Queen Anne Pizzeria on Thursday, June 20, for our 25th anniversary bash! To celebrate, we will roll back slice prices to match what they were way back when it all began. At this location only, snag a slice of Cheese for $1.00, Double Pepperoni for $1.25, Sausage & Onion for $1.35, and AGOG Primo for $1.65.

Slip into your finest flannel and flaunt some big hair, because this anniversary is going to be, like, totally rad!

Publish Date: June 14, 2013