Our Upcoming Giveaway: Le Panier

In early April, we started giving away some of our favorite products from local companies to bring some unexpected joy to our customers and support local businesses hit hard by the coronavirus. The reception has been so great that the giveaways have taken on a life of their own.

Our next decadent treat is some of the best cookies you’ll find anywhere in Seattle: Le Panier’s Petits Sablés Chocolat. Translation: Buttery shortbread made with roasted Oregon hazelnuts and pieces of French chocolate. Order a whole pie this Tuesday (July 14), and we’ll bring you eight of these wonders. They'll save for three days in their bag, but we doubt they'll last that long.

Le Panier, located in the Pike Place Market, is a traditional French bakery—from baking techniques to proofers and ovens—opened by co-owners Kristi Drake and Thierry Mougin in 1983. Over the years, countless travelers and locals have fallen for their award-winning artisanal French pastries, tarts, cakes and breads.

When the coronavirus forced Le Panier to close their doors for the first time in nearly 37 years to keep their staff safe and healthy, Kristi and Thierry continued to bake goodies for the Pike Market Food Bank, for the frontline staff at Neighborcare Health, and fresh croissants for the Pike Market Senior Center.

Now that they’ve safely reopened, Kristi reflects on the experience: “Even with all the extra caution, reopening has been such an extraordinary experience. We have received such gratitude from our local customers and neighbors. Small businesses are fragile, and the people who work at each of them are important. There is a new understanding of what we are all going through because the commonalities are so striking. We look forward to the day when our city is robust again. The new opportunities are like a hidden treasure. It gives us all a chance to refresh what we are doing and ask ourselves how we are benefitting the common good. Our staff are creative, hard-working people who play an enormous part in the joy we bring to customers. We are all returning with a new perspective, and I anticipate this new strength will contribute to the life of others in the best of ways.”

Pagliacci is proud to partner with Le Panier, another longstanding Seattle business dedicated to the highest quality ingredients, tradition, and great food.

Publish Date: July 9, 2020