π = $3.14

Pi Day, the annual celebration of the famed mathematical constant, is also, coincidentally, Albert Einstein’s birthday, which seems fitting. It’s also the day super-smart shoppers seek out the best edible homonyms (aka tasty round things). We may be biased, but we’d suggest our Pi Day special: order an 11” pizza and get a second 11” pizza for just $3.14.

Without pi, an irrational and transcendental number, you couldn’t calculate the area of our pizzas. Pi runs over a trillion digits past its decimal point, but a little rounding is sufficient for most of us. For example, to compute the area of our 11-inch pizza, you multiply pi (3.14) by the radius squared, which is—we said no calculators needed to enjoy our deal—just over 95 inches of pizza.

We started our annual Pizza Pie Day celebration in Seattle in 2014. A year earlier, Pagliacci co-owner Matt Galvin had delivered several pizzas for a Pi Day party in his son’s math class. The students wrote thank you cards suggesting we offer a Pi Day special for $3.14 in the future. So we did. Seven years later it’s a tradition with a momentum all its own.

Whether you love math or love to hate it, celebrate the circular and transcendent nature of Pagliacci’s pizza with us this π Day. The special offer is available for delivery or pick-up. Other offers cannot be combined with the Pi Day special.

Publish Date: March 9, 2021